So you’re probably wondering why I have a photo chart showing sizes?

I created this chart as I always need to adjust sizes for canvas prints and sometimes I need all three measurement types at a glance. So instead of typing into Google “what’s this converted into that?”, I now can quickly find the information needed.

The passport photo size list does not cater to every country’s set passport requirements, but if they do happen to fall into these four common sizes, at least you’ll know the dimensions.

Common photo sizes is set up for those people who may need to know photo size in inches is equivalent to what size in centimeters. For instance some photo frames only give their size in cm, while printed photos are generally described in inches.

My free photo editor only allows you to crop in pixels as the set dimensions parameter. I’m not bagging on it, I actually use it all the time and you should too, I just want to make sure all common sizes are catered for at a glance.

Finally the square photo sizes are there to complete any unusual photo sizes that people may need the conversion table for.

Feel free to embed the infographic, just link the source back to this page please.

You can also download the PDF here if you prefer.