The Resource List

For those readers who want a brief summary and where to find the device to capture your home videos.

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Cheap USB Capture Cards

The original easyCAP will work with PC and older Mac computers. Will work with editors and OBS Studio.

Review of the easyCAP with a Macbook.

The UVC and Video DVR are both similar and will run on PC and Mac. Quality is fine through OBS Studio.

Review can be found here

The ezcap159 does come with better software than other cheap models.

Review for escap 159 for Mac

Review for ezcap 159 for PC

Premium USB Capture Cards

The Diamond VC500 comes with PowerDirector and captures a great MPG video.

Review of the Diamond VC500.

AVerMedia DVD EZMaker 7 is almost identical to the VC500 but with a lower version of PowerDirector.

Review of the EZMaker 7.

VHS Capture Boxes

The BR150 Scart Grabber will cover the Scart connections for Europe VCRs. Reliable and good.

Review of the BR150 Scart Grabber

The ezcap 271 will record at 30fps. Comes with 8GB internal memory and long life battery.

Review of the ezcap 271

The ezcap 273a will capture onto TF card. Ideal for HDMI capture from PC and consoles.

Review of the ezcap 273a

Definitely one of the better capture devices. Clearclick Video2Digital 2.0 will capture to USB or SD card.

Review of the Clearclick Video2Digital 2.0

The ezcap 284 can capture without a computer onto USB or SD card. Ideal for HDMI or composite connections.

Review of the ezcap 284

The ezcap 283s is a very sturdy capture box. Can transfer via HDMI, composite or component to USB or PC.

Review of the ezcap 283s

The VIDBOX is a great option for transferring your videos to DVD or MP4. Works with Mac or PC.

Review of the VIDBOX Suite

The ezcap 261 is a USB 3.0 capture box that can work with editors and even on Android

Review of the ezcap 261

PCIe Cards

The AVerMedia PC310B is a PCIe capture card that transfers high quality video.

Review of the PC310B capture card

Having a PCIe FireWire card is ideal if you have a MiniDV camera.

Article explaining how to install the card

FireWire Cables & Upscalers

FireWire 4 pin to 4 pin, ideal for connecting a MiniDV camera to a DVD/VHS combo to transfer to DVD.

Article that covers FireWire difference

FireWire 4 pin to 6 pin connection. Ideal for connecting MiniDV to capture card.

Article that covers the difference on FireWire cables.

The CM401 will let you upgrade composite to HDMI. Works as a bridge between VCR and HDMI device.

Review of the CM401

Tendak 3 RCA converter can transfer via S-Video as well as composite.

Review of the Tendak 3RCA AV

Legacy Items

The ADVC 55 will convert composite to digital using FireWire. Can be hard to find.

Review of the ADVC 55

The Live Gamer Portable can capture via component and HDMI. The replacement models are not as good.

Review of the AVerMedia C875