Cropping Tips When Scanning Photos

Cropping tips when scanning photos using two examples. Ideal if you are thinking of digitizing your old photo album.

RCA to HDMI Converters

Testing various RCA to HDMI converters reveals a difference in picture quality it turns out.

Make Money Transferring VHS Tapes

This article is going to be long (you’ve been warned) but I’d like to give you a few ideas of how you can make money…

DIGITNOW! BR117 for Mac

The Digitnow! BR117 for Mac review, does it give as good a result as it did on the PC? Or is it much of the same?

Ezcap 159 for MAC

The ezcap159 for Mac is surprisingly better than I thought it would be. A short Mac review.

Ezcap 159 For PC Review

The ezcap 159 for PC comes with a newer VHS to DVD 5.0 software, but is that enough to make this any good?