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Ezcap 159 for MAC

One of the better USB capture devices that is out there would have to be the ezcap 159 for Mac. The main difference with this model verses previous USB devices, is that this ezcap 159 has a built in 64bit driver thus allowing it to work with Catalina OS and above.

That doesn’t mean I tested the device that way. I’m still on Sierra OS which is 32bit.

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At some point I’ll get to update back to Catalina OS.

Ezcap 159 for MAC

If your Mac doesn’t have a CD drive, you can download the driver directly from the ezcap website. Ironically they also have a download for software they suggest to use. And can you guess what it is?

OBS Studio. Apparently you can’t beat free.

Ezcap 159 connection

The extended USB cable makes connection with computers much more easier but if you’re already using a laptop then that may not be an issue.

Connection is simply a case of joining the composite adapters with each other. Yellow for Video, Red/White for the audio sound. There is an option for S-Video which some VCRs do have.

USB connection won’t be an issue unless you have a more up to date model that only has USB-C port.. If that’s the case, you will need a USB to USB-C adapter.

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Ezcap 159 Installation

As far as any installation goes , you’re only installing the ezcap driver. Unfortunately, that’s it.

No software.

You’re expected to capture through QuickTime, which you can see here the test results from QuickTime capturing.

Don’t get me wrong, the capturing through QuickTime is efficient and if you are capturing NTSC tapes they will capture fine. But if you are using a PAL region tape (as I am), then the output size is not acceptable.

I don’t see why these companies can’t try and come up with some form of software for the Mac system. I mean the PC version gets the VHS to DVD 5.0 so why not the Mac?

When you open the CD, you will be greeted with the ezcap driver package and a PDF manual.

Following through the steps, you will be guided through the installation. Again this isn’t installing any software just the driver, which takes only a minute or two.

Ezcap 159 OBS Studio

My choice of video capturing on the Mac is with OBS Studio. The great news if you’re running Catalina OS or later, you can download the latest version of OBS Studio and the ezcap 159 will be compatible.

The process of adding a new device through OBS Studio can be read here. It is very easy, just make sure the device video and audio properties are set to the ezcap USB video device.

Ezcap 159 Results

The sample video below has a bitrate of 8000kbps which was changed in the OBS Studio settings.

Video quality is acceptable and didn’t have any frame drops. That being said, I don’t use the laptop while it’s recording. No matter how good a computer (mac/pc) claims to be, the moment you open an internet browser alongside some video intensive work, suddenly they can not multitask!

Ezcap 159 For Mac Conclusion

When compared to the ezcap 116, the plastic casing does an adequate job. It’s not an overly hard plastic as it’s predecessor , but it’s not going to break if you knock it against a hard surface. Feels like a silky smooth plastic.

In the PC review, I mentioned I didn’t like the software it came with and that’s true. If Mac editors like Adobe Premier allow you to import via an analogue signal then you will get a much better result that you will be happy with.

At some point later I will test this device again with the highest 64bit OS that my 2012 MacBook Pro will let me install. If you haven’t updated your laptop and are still wanting to convert your old videos, this device is certainly the leader if you were to compare the ezcap analogue market side by side.

It’s a great device, it works on 32bit and 64bit Mac OS systems, assuring you that there won’t be any compatibility issues. Capturing with a reasonable video editor or in my case OBS Studio, and the ezcap 159 will definitely surprise you with the end result.


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