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BR150 USB Video Grabber Adapter Review

The USB Video Grabber (also known as the BR150 from Digitnow) is an all in one analogue video capture card being the only one (that I currently know of) catering for scart connections as well as composite connections.

No other brands even try to make anything similar.

It imports video from a variety of sources mainly old VHS, Video cameras, retro consoles.

BR150 in front of mini DV camera

Digitnow is a US company that sells audio and video electronics and more. They’ve made a few capture devices so it’s interesting to see how their products hold up.

top down view of BR150

Straight off the bat, this product looks similar to the more expensive Ezcap 272 which I have a post about.

But cosmetic size aside, they also do have differences – being the BR150 can input via scart cable.

The ezcap272 does allow to connect to HDMI.

BR150 USB Video Grabber – A Closer Inspection.

br150 usb video grabber with composite connections

Along the back of the BR150 there is the composite RCA input. Yellow for video, red and white for stereo sound.

There is also S-Video input.

br150 with mini USB and SCART connections

Along the opposite end there is the mini USB output to PC and the SCART input signal.

side view of BR150 switch between scart and AV

The left hand side gives you the option to choose between AV or SCART. Due to being in Australia I don’t have access to a VCR that only had scart output, so I cannot give an opinion on that.

underneath view BR150

Underneath only gives the model name.

BR150 USB Video Grabber – What’s In The Box?

Digitnow neatly package their product not skimping on cables which was a really nice touch.

BR150 USB video grabber with accessories

Considering the price was only $30 AUD I have to say I was expecting less.

instruction manual of BR150

They also supply a thank you note as part of its warranty.

I will add that at least Digitnow offer a way to contact them unlike buying an ezcap device from eBay.

male to male composite cables

They supply a triple male RCA composite cable.

mini USB cable to USB 2.0

The standard mini USB cable is for connecting the BR150 to the PC.

SCART cable

For this review I didn’t test the scart cable connection.

BR150 with mini USB connected

Connecting the USB into the BR150 then into the PC will automatically light up the power lamp.

BR150 USB video grabber with composite cables connected

The RCA composite cables connect via the Video/Audio inputs.

Before connecting the USB into the PC – I advise to install the drivers and software first. It’ll save yourself the headache later if windows decides to install its own capture driver.

VHS to DVD 2.0 – Walkthrough

The software supplied is from Honestech yet again. It would appear these guys are the only ones interested in software that captures and transfers videos.

I know that’s not true, I was joking.

So we have VHS to DVD 2.0 and straight off, I prefer this software than the Honestech 2.5 version I reviewed earlier.

The Honestech page is clean and easy to navigate around.

The name of the device installed is listed as OEM Device. There are settings that can be changed by clicking on the cogs icon.

They won’t offer too much except the input video signal.

And adjusting the quality of the video picture if desired.

I would never recommend to use their adjustments while recording, as the video you may be transferring might have different lighting scenes that don’t match the adjustment selected.

There is an option for clean noise but I didn’t see a difference with the sample video I used.

Under Recording Format there are options for the type of DVD you can record.

Recording Video Type will change the region to NTSC or PAL. There are no options for changing frame rate.

Quality is simplified to Best, Good, Normal and Average.

Split Size refers to the size of the file. I wouldn’t be going under the 4GB limit to split a video.

Maximum Recording time will show you how much recording space is left on your PC in hours and minutes.

Recording Duration time means how long you want to record the video length.

Once you are happy with the chosen settings, the capture card will show the video in the viewing monitor.

Simply clicking on the record button will commence the recording.

VHS to DVD 2.0 – Simple Editor

If the video does exceed the 4GB limit it will automatically be split into a new file, which you will need to stitch together in the edit mode.

For the above test, I only recorded approx 24 minutes.

When a file has finished being captured, VHS to DVD 2.0 will open the editor keeping the new file along the right hand side in its library.

Simply dragging the file to the lower portion of the program will allow you to edit it.

And by editing it will only consist of creating in and out points then clicking on the scissors thus creating a new smaller clip.

There are numerous scene transitions, majority of which are useless and would never be used in a video.

There are no other editing options but what did you expect?

VHS to DVD 2.0 – Burning a DVD

VHS to DVD 2.0 does have a burning option allowing you to create a DVD.

I’d have to say it’s comparable to DVD Styler, although at least DVD Styler gives a few more layout options.

You will need to first tell the program what type of disc you want to create.

By default the first frame of the video will be shown as the main chapter image.

Along the right hand side of the menu preview there is an option to add more chapters.

This program creates an convenient way to add chapters. By simply dragging the play back function, you can find certain areas to pause at for the next chapter.

Click on Add chapter and a time stamp will be added. Click OK when you are finished.

Clicking on the text will open up a new window, allowing you to change the titles.

Further options for the menu is a button to change the background image, choice of button styles and number of chapters to add (six being the total).

The next buttons are Eject and Close, erase disc and disc information.

Clicking on the disc settings will open the options of DVD burner and DVD burner speed also changing the input to NTSC or PAL.

No option to change the file into another type exists.

BR150 USB Video Grabber Adapter Conclusion

I like the BR150. It’s compatible with OBS Studio so you are not limited to the Honestech software.

Would I recommend this?

If you are copying old VHS videos, then sure.

It’s very similar to the ezcap 272 which records exactly the same.

But the ezcap 272 is more expensive.

If you are after a device that is cheap and records directly from MiniDV cameras, this will not do it.

It will do VHS-C, Video 8 and Hi-8 which are what the majority of old videos are anyway.


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