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AverMedia DVD EZMaker 7 Review

The AVerMedia DVD EZMaker 7 has been around for approximately nine years? Amazing that something that old can get such great results but like the old phrase if it ain’t broke!

How do I know it’s been that long? I found a review on the same device from 2010.

Does that make this a bad choice for transferring videos?

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Absolutely not! The opposite to be honest.

The product page from AVerMedia does list it as being compatible with Windows 10 (which is what I tested this unit on) but it is not compatible with MAC 10.13 and later.

box for DVD EZMaker 7

Which is weird considering Windows 10 came out in 2015, so you would think they could continue to update the drivers for Apple computers.

Just my two cents.

AverMedia DVD EZMaker 7 in front of packaged box

The EZMaker 7 will convert from VHS, Video 8 or High 8 to DVD. It will recognise whether it is NTSC or PAL format, making converting your videos a breeze.

Also – and this is a massive plus in my opinion, it comes with Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 10 software. This is a fully fledged video editor.

Yes, Cyberlink is up to PowerDirector 365 (not an affiliate link) compared to the version supplied, but finally here is a VHS capture device that comes with a really decent editor.

It’s better than Honestech Software or Arcsoft Software. Hands down.

And I like the Arcsoft software.

DVD EZMaker 7 – What’s In The Box?

Don’t be expecting too much in the neatly packaged box but for approximately $40 US you are paying way less than if you were to buy PowerDirector by itself.

DVD EZMaker 7 with accessories

It comes with the EZMaker 7 capture stick, an extension USB cable, instruction booklet (which is in more multiple languages that any previous device has had), driver CD and Media Suite 10 installation CD.

The serial numbers for the installation CD are located on the outside of the disc.

top view of DVD EZMaker 7

The INPUT connections are the RCA Composite YELLOW for Video, RED/WHITE for Audio.

There is the choice for S-Video connection as well.

close up of USB from DVD EZMaker 7

USB 2.0 for PC connectivity.

USB extension cable packaged with DVD EZMaker 7

The downside that I can see with the accessories would be the small USB extension.

While the quality is better than other brands, it sure is small!

DVD EZMaker 7 – Connection Setup

It is recommended that you install the driver before simply plugging in the EZMaker 7 capture stick.

install CD for DVD EZMaker 7

Installation is quick and it’s nice to know that AVerMedia have at least updated drivers for their products to cater for Windows 10.

DVD EZMaker 7 connected via USB on laptop

Once the driver has installed, connect the USB capture card and it will be recognized.

composite cables connected to DVD EZMaker 7

For this test I was using a VHS-C tape playing through a VCR.

Media software supplied with DVD EZMaker 7

Installation of the Media Suite can be done at any time and will take at least five minutes (depending on your computer specs).

Power director Media Suite

There are two pieces of software that will be installed.

PowerDirector 10 – which is a full high end editor and DVD authoring program.

PowerProducer – which again allows you to burn discs and capture video (without editing) straight to disc.

Personally, I would be using PowerDirector 10 only as you may need to cut out unwanted scenes from the tapes or splice several tapes together.

PowerDirector 10 – A Quick Walkthrough

I have a complete (aka long post) going through all aspects of PowerDirector 17.

Does that mean PowerDirector 10 is too old?

No, not by a long shot.

The fact that this works hand in hand with the EZMaker 7 makes transferring your old videos a breeze.

home screen for power director 10

The home screen for PowerDirector 10 will give you the options of Full Feature Editor, Easy Editor and a Slideshow Creator.

Using the Full Feature Editor will let you capture videos from the EZMaker 7.

In the full editor mode, there is a CAPTURE MODULE which (as long as you have the EZMaker 7 already connected) will show the current video playing.

Clicking the record button will proceed to record from the external source.

Upon completion, you will be asked to give the new recorded footage a filename.

The file size from a 45 minute video is an average 3GB with a reasonable bitrate.

From this point you can click into the EDIT MODULE.

The file will automatically be placed on the timeline.

From here you can splice the footage using the editor.

To know more about PowerDirector and what it can do just read this post. This editor won’t be able to do everything that the latest version of PowerDirector can do, but it is amazing none the less.

The PRODUCE module and CREATE DISC module will allow you to export as either a MP4 video or DVD.

Testing the capture card with OBS STUDIO shows that it is compatible.

PowerProducer – Another Way to Convert to DVD

If the concept of using an editor scares you, another program is available in the way of PowerProducer.

This will let you capture footage along the same way as PowerDirector 10 but you will not be able to edit the clips in a advanced method compared to the editor version.

Maybe you don’t need to and you want them transferred to DVD quickly and easily.

PowerProducer has a main option window which consists of:

Produce Movie Disc – this allows you to capture the footage from your video camera or VCR source.

Right-to-Disc – allowing straight from the video source to the DVD.

Edit Disc – a simple method to edit the files.

Open Project – open a previously saved file to continue working on.

Disc Utilities – this will open further options for example: erase disc, add files to disc etc.

You will be asked what type of disc you are creating. For this example it will be a DVD.

Click on the Video button along the left hand side.

The Capture/Video tab will have the program detect if the EZMaker 7 capture card is connected.

By default, PowerProducer will start playing the video, so you may need to rewind the tape to start at the beginning again.

Click the red record button to start capturing.

The Capture Information will give you details on the duration of the video, the final size of the footage (important if you are trying to fit onto a 4GB DVD), the disk space left on your computer and finally the format you are recording to.

Once the final video has been copied you will have options to do quick edits, add chapters and change the menu layout.

Burning a half hour video did take approximately 20 minutes.


The AVerMedia EZMaker 7 is a great buy.

The software it comes with, while definitely an older version, is far superior to any software that VHS capture sticks come with currently.

There is more in this editor than you would probably use,but as you develop a knack, you might try and be adventurous with your editing skills.

I wish other manufacturers would take the transfer of old analogue videos more seriously.

If you are wanting something better than the EZcap range then the EZMaker 7 is worth a look.


Author: Matt

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