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Thomson MT-18PC Review

Not everyone does music streaming. Some people (a lot to be honest) still prefer to play CDs.

I can’t afford to just stream music non stop using internet data.

Some people might be set in their ways and just want the music they collected with cassettes and vinyl records over the years.

You may be surprised to know that I still get clients who want to transfer their old audio tapes and LPs to CD.

Old demo tapes, vocal stories and school choirs that were once recorded on the latest technology at the time.

And these types of clients (who are usually older) and are not interested in transferring the music to MP3 to play on a computer or to import to their phone.

They just want it to work on a CD player or DVD player that they still own.

I can’t blame them.

But in order to get vinyl to disc it has to be copied/digitized somehow.

The Thomson range of USB turntables are a solution for people who want to back up their old records on the cheap.

And cheap they are.

But first let’s look at the other options to copy your vinyl records:

  • High quality turntable – If you go this route you will need also an amp to plug the turntable in, then from the amp can you copy the music to your computer. All that becomes pricey.
  • Just buy the CDs or Digital versions again – Depends how bad you want to be updated with higher quality older music. Some albums are still full price

If you have a milk crate filled with old albums and time on your hands then getting a USB turntable is definitely the cheaper option to go.

Thomson MT18 turntable front facing

Around The Thomson Turntable.

I just want to mention that I had to borrow an album off a colleague to do this review. I don’t have any records.

So I am stuck listening to Barry Manilow If I should Love Again.

Thomson MT18 PC with Barry Mannilow record

Somebody owes me.

Thomson USB turntables are from a very diverse company that build all sorts of products from computers to cameras.

They even joined forces with TCL to build DVD players and televisions.

But I am only going to talk about their various ranges of USB turntables. Although I do think it’s funny the Australian website division links to a site called

Sounds pretty dodgy. I’m just joking.

This Thomson turntable was approximately $60 and for that price you will find this model is a very plastic build.

cheap price, cheap product – but it is still well built.

Thomson PC turntable with cover shield open

Carrying the turntable around feels very light in your hands.

close up of Thomson MT18 PC showing audio IN and AUX in sockets

Along the front there are connections for a 3.5mm headphone jack and an AUX IN.

volume knob of pc turntable

The volume dial (AKA the volume knob) will click to turn off and on. Continuously turning it to the right will increase the volume.

I noticed a slight hiss sound when I had headphones plugged in and increasing/decreasing the volume quickly.

right speaker grill for Thomson MT18 PC

Also don’t expect this device to blast the room out.

The speakers give out a tinny sound but I imagine if you were using this to play background music while you were doing something around the house the speakers would be fine.

Although there is some weird exception – at random moments the sound would go loud to quiet for no reason.

Thomson MT18 PC back showing USB and line out for sound

Along the back the MT-18PC has a USB connection and the LEFT and RIGHT sound.

Sound can be plugged through better speakers but I’m not sure if that means music would still play through the Thomson’s own speakers as well?

side view of pc turntable with USB cable

The USB AB connection (similar types to printers) allows it to be connected to USB 2.0 on you computer.

A One of a Kind Needle

By one of a kind I don’t mean it’s out of this world.

close up of Thomson MT18 PC needle

The needle does not come off.

I mean look at that, does that look like it can come off if the needle breaks?

needle for pc turntable in resting position

At least it comes with a protective cover when not in use.

lock handle for Thomson MT18 PC turntable

There is a a secure lock to keep the needle in place when not is use.

Along the rear is a lever for raising and lowering the needle onto the records. You’ll want to use that in order to preserve the needle’s life span.

speed options shown foe Thomson MT18 PC

The turntable has three speed presets being 78,45 and 33.

The Only Way To Record From the MT-18PC

Connecting the USB into your computer will install the driver required.

installing audio USB drivers from Thomson MT18 PC

Doesn’t take too long. Once the driver is installed Audacity will see the device as USB PnP Audio.

aux in cable connected to Thomson MT18 PC

Back to that AUX IN connection.

Why is there an auxiliary in you ask?

GPD XP connected to Thomson MT18 PC

You haven’t felt the need to plug your phone into a record player just to hear music a bit louder?

Well it’s available if you want it.

But if it has an auxiliary input and a USB output on the back doesn’t that mean you can record from anything with a headphone jack?

Audacity showing wave lengths

As a test I checked if it would record with a device plugged in through AUX IN – and it will.

Technically this means you could be watching music on YouTube and be recording it to your computer via this turntable.

Sure it was not meant for this, but there you go.

As for Barry Manilow?

I tested one song – Let’s Hang On and I have to say I prefer Frankie Valley’s version.

close up of input selection for editing on Audacity

Oh and it recorded the song without a hitch.

If you would like to know more about Audacity and turning each song into an MP3 I have an article that covers it called Convert Audio Cassette to Digital.

That post will show you all you will need.


If you are on a cheap budget and own an extensive record collection, then I think you should get one of these.

Its sound is tinny, but not unbearable.

That could also be improved and enhanced using Audacity or other software.

If on the other hand if you must have perfect sound duplication then this isn’t for you.


Author: Matt

My name is Matt and I'm a bit of a nerd for software that helps people digitize cherished memories including photos and home videos.