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ClearClick Video2Digital 2.0 – Best Portable VHS To Digital Converter.

ClearClick have taken up the challenge and updated their VHS converter into a more modern MP4 recorder. It also will allow you to record to a full 60FPS and 50FPS onto a SD card verses a micro TF card or record to a USB thumbdrive.

I have to say I was excited to receive from Amazon Clearclick’s Video2Digital 2.0 because I was so close to purchasing the older version.

Thankfully I didn’t.

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When I was ready to purchase the Video2Digtal 2.0, it turns out they were out of stock.

So I had to wait until their new batch arrived. Anyway it’s here now.

front view clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

So the device feels sturdy and thankfully not fragile (although like any device, I wouldn’t drop it) and the screen is 3.5 inches across.

angled view from clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

As stated earlier the fact that this records onto SD cards or USB thumb drives compares it to a higher end gaming capture card.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking this will capture newer gaming consoles. It won’t. This is old school capturing, but in a modern MP4 format.

I don’t have anything against AVI format, but if you want to copy a video and then watch on a smart TV, you’re better off having it on a MP4 format.

Video2Digital 2.0 – What’s In The Box?

ClearClick package the Video2Digital 2.0 in a nice compact box with cables fitting underneath the main capture device sitting on top.

clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 with packaging and accessories

Mine did come with a screen protector but I wanted to take that off. So don’t be surprised if yours does too.

male to male composite cables supplied with clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

Composite male to male cables are supplied to connect from your VCR nto the Video2Digital portable.

power adapter supplied with clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

It also comes supplied with a US power adapter.

The device can be powered by a USB port from a computer if desired.

And this is where I have a slight problem with the Video2Digital 2.0.

It needs to be plugged into a power outlet (or computer USB) to work. It doesn’t have a built in battery.

The ezcap 271 has a built in battery thus making it portable but the Video2Digital 2.0 doesn’t.

Is that a deal breaker? No, of course not!

I can’t just record a tape from a VCR then take it to someone and show them. I’d have to make sure there is a power outlet nearby to plug the device in.

Nowhere does ClearClick say that this is portable. They don’t.

I’m just saying we’re so use to seeing small devices with screens and assume they are portable and be able to turn it on anywhere and not have to worry about power connectivity.

instruction manual for clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

There are great instructions supplied, which thoroughly explain details of the device.

It also has a trouble shooting questions and answers, which relates any possible problems that could occur.

Video2Digital 2.0 – a closer look

I’ll tell you a little back story.

While I was waiting for the next batch of Video2Digital 2.0 to arrive, I would visit Alibaba to see what the actual EZCAP company had to offer in other products.

And they had the ezcap 273 available , but it was more for HDMI capture.

Still it looked interesting.

I thought if I can’t get the ClearClick device I’ll just buy the ezcap 273 capture device and write about that instead.

Well obviously I did get the Video2Digital 2.0 but not long after receiving it I spotted this listing from ClearClick which is the same device from Forward Video Technology.

Funnily there is no equivalent to the Video2Digital 2.0 that (I’m aware of). That’s why I wanted to get this device as soon as possible.

bottom view of clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

Along the bottom of the device is the power indicator.

right side view of clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 with SD card slot

The right hand side has the SD card slot. The card does have to be inserted with the label side down.

top view from clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 mini USB, SD-Video, AV connectors, HDMI OUT USB host

Along the back we have (from left to right):

A mini USB port for power.

S-Video input for video ( as an option).

Composite Input Yellow for video, Red/White for sound.

HDMI output to connect to your TV.

USB 2.0 slot for thumb drives.

left side of clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 speaker

The left hand side we have a speaker grill but one could assume air vents as well for if the device gets hot.

Which for me I never encountered.

underneath clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 with rubber feet

Underneath there is the company’s details and plastic covers to keep the Video2Digital 2.0 off the table for air flow?

They also hide the screws underneath.

menu set up for clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

Along the front cover we have four outer buttons which are:

MENU – This button doubles as a back button. Selecting the menu option will open sub menus that you can configure.

POWER BUTTON – For turning the device on or off.

MODE – This changes between recording video, photo playback or video playback. You can also delete files by holding down the menu button longer.

RECORD – Finally there is the record button itself. Clicking the button once will record. To stop recording – simply click the button again.

There are direction arrow keys with the UP/DOWN doubling as the volume control.

Buttons feel responsive so you won’t be continuously tapping a button just to navigate the menu set up.

Video2Digital 2.0 – Connecting The device

Connectivity of the RCA cables is easy. Simply plug the connectors to their corresponding colors and you are ready.

clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 connected to composite cables and USB connected

The above example I have used a USB cable to power the device from the computer.

clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 with blue SD card

As mentioned earlier, if you are using an SD card make sure you are inserting it correctly.

clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 recording video from VCR

With the external device on play (VHS tape in this example), you will see the picture and sound straight away.

clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 playback of video

Clicking the REC button will commence the transfer.

Along the top you will notice how long the video duration is, the date and time, sound volume and the recording media.

The manual points out that if the video looks jerky during recording not to worry, that it will be fine when played back on a computer.

I didn’t have that issue, but I don’t know if I did either. I plugged in the Video2Digital 2.0 hit record and let it run for an hour and a half.

At times when I checked on the device I never saw any jerky behavior but the MP4 results looked fine on the PC.

Video2Digital 2.0 – Menu Walkthrough

By pressing the MENU button you will have a multitude of options at your disposal.

clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 menu setup language selected

When navigating through the menu setup, simply pushing the directional arrows and selecting the OK will open the new option.

clearclick video to digital converter 2.0 english language chosen

You can set the language from a choice of nine variants.

selecting the date on the clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

Time/Date Setting is the next menu option. This will be displayed along the top of the 3.5 inch monitor but not on the final MP4 video.

auto stop recording for the clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

Auto Stop Recording is available if desired. Not sure why the 150 minute mark is the final option when a common size VHS cassette is 3 hours (180 minutes).

selecting the video source for the clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

Video Source lets you choose between the AV composite or S-Video connection.

choosing the recording storage clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

Storage can be decided in the menu setup.

Something that could be confusing with this option is if the wrong storage is placed in the Video2Digital 2.0 while the menu is selected for the other option.

It could make people think there is something wrong with the device when clearly there isn’t.

choosing a recording schedule for the clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

Schedule Recording will let you pre select a recording time Daily, Once or Weekly. Clicking onto one of those options will let you further choose start times and end times.

Schedule Recording is (to me) a strange option to add on as it implies the device is plugged into a source that is on – say a TV – to record from unattended.

If the TV is not unattended, then what’s the difference setting up the Video2Digital 2.0 five minutes before your “favorite TV show” and pressing the record button?

Maybe I’m missing something?

error message for the clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

Next on the menu is Restore factory settings which allows to reset the whole device.

Formatting will clear the card or USB for the device to copy to.

I’d recommend formatting any media you are about to record to.

firmware upgrade option clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

Firmware Upgrade is interesting as it implies any bugs in the device can be fixed over time.

This is great to see as it shows the confidence ClearClick has in the product.

video properties for the MP4 files from the clearclick video to digital converter 2.0

While it is great to see the higher framerate instead of the standard 30fps I would have preferred to see a higher bitrate.

Other ezcap capture devices have done higher bitrates but lower FPS.


So is Video2Digital 2.0 a winner?

Yes, it has more advantages than other capture cards that don’t need PC’s. It comes with a 1 year warranty and future proofs with possible updates.

The fact that it records to MP4 format straight away makes transferring the files to other devices (like phones) a god send. The screen is large and clear and volume is loud.

My minor gripe that I would’ve liked a battery is not a major issue but it does have a competitor in the ezcap 271 at half the price.

Quality and ability to record to different media make the Video2Digital 2.0 a fantastic option for recording your home videos with ease.


Author: Matt

My name is Matt and I'm a bit of a nerd for software that helps people digitize cherished memories including photos and home videos.